Empowering People


We believe “empowered people empower people.” We champion an entrepreneurial culture and inclusive work environment where all employees are empowered, valued and respected.

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At Axium Packaging, we strive to create a respectful, supportive and collaborative environment that promotes teamwork and provides the opportunity for individual employees to learn new skills, take on greater responsibilities and grow within our organization.

Jessica Sideris
Keith Binegar
Drayton Santavicca
Rae Hill
Marcella Gunawan
Luis Peraza
Mary Terflinger
Inderdeep Singh
Aaron Wynkoop
Peter Tran
Arjun Karki
Rudra Desai
Jua Barnes


“Working at Axium has led to exceptional professional growth and development. Axium keeps you on your toes with our rapid expansion. Our team comradery is unlike most businesses; we genuinely want to help each other succeed and form a more personal bond.”


“Being a part of an atmosphere that is always expanding is why I appreciate working at Axium. We are challenged to improve within our teams and to build relationships across the company. Developing professionally in a people-oriented company has been a rewarding experience.”


“I enjoy working at Axium because of the great team atmosphere, innovative projects, and supportive leadership. Also, the challenging work and positive workplace culture allow for fulfilling projects. Additionally, Axium fosters continuous learning and personal growth so that I can continue to build my skills and experience.”

Design Engineering

“Axium is like a family, and that’s why I appreciate working here. When coming to work, I know I will be supported and appreciated. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when going into stores and seeing our products on the shelves.”

Customer Support

“I’m delighted to share why I genuinely enjoy working for Axium. Working alongside dedicated colleagues who take pride in delivering top services is motivating. Also, the inclusive and collaborative culture here is exceptional. Diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions, and the open and approachable atmosphere fosters creativity. I look forward to continuing my journey with Axium.”


“Axium is where design, engineering, and manufacturing come together seamlessly, with everything unfolding right before you. I appreciate the dynamic and flexible atmosphere that allows you to personalize your work approach. Axium’s commitment to growth ensures every day is a step forward with constant evolution, making it an exceptional workplace.”

Design Engineering

“Axium’s rapid expansion has provided opportunities for me to grow professionally in a role that provides stability. Throughout that expansion, employees can truly make a difference and leave their mark on the company.  Axium’s environment is challenging, and the ability to rise to the challenge is seen and rewarded.”

Human Resource

“Axium has an incredible, multiethnic team, which is one of my favorite aspects of working here. We collaborate and share a common understanding to achieve a focused goal together. The people here are understanding and hardworking. Every day at Axium comes with a new opportunity for me to learn and grow my professional career.”

Quality Assurance

“The best part of being an employee at Axium is the friendly work atmosphere. Every day, you’re working with others who also have a team-first mentality. When you come to work and produce a product you are proud of, that’s extremely gratifying.”

Floor Operations

“Working at Axium is rewarding because of the inspiring culture promoting originality and fresh ideas. Axium’s commitment to my development as an individual and the opportunity to work on exciting projects with my brilliant coworkers keep me motivated and excited about coming to work every day.”


“I have never felt more at home, comfortable, in control, and supported. This employer legitimately cares about your professional and personal development. “I’ve been here for about two years, and I’ve never heard anyone complain about management, the company, or their coworkers. I adore it!”

Shipping & Receiving

“Because of the company’s dedication to new ideas, I greatly enjoy my time at Axium Packaging. The unwavering support for employee development and the incredible coworkers I have the privilege of working with every day. The collaborative atmosphere and opportunities for growth make it an exceptional place to thrive professionally, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this remarkable team.”


“Today, I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity to Become Axium Plastics First Security Associate. I feel I am respected and acknowledged, and my work is appreciated. There is much more needed from the security aspect, and I have many thoughts and goals for this company. And I believe that I am 100 % valued and plan to be here as long as the company needs me. This is 1 of the best companies and work-friendly environments I have been honored to work for!”


Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We believe that empowered employees who empower others are the key to our success. We promote an entrepreneurial culture that fosters ingenuity and agility to advance state-of-the-art solutions.