Premium Decorative Services


Our strength is making the impossible possible resulting in exceptional visual impact, differentiation on store shelves and an enhanced consumer experience.

Enhancing Product Appeal

Axium Packaging’s versatile decorative techniques, ranging from laser etching and silk screening to hot stamping and shrink labeling, offer our customers many ways to increase product appeal at the point of purchase. Our state-of-the-art technology and innovative design teams work with you to create high-quality, high-impact graphics with quality, precision and clarity.

Mask Group 470
Silk Screening
  • 6-Pass Linear Silk-screening
  • Servo, 3D CAD Driven Rotary Silk-screening
  • 360-degree print technology
  • Expansion and review of digital printing heads
Mask Group 471
Sensitive Labeling
Pressure-Sensitive Labeling
  • Front and back standard labeling
  • 360-degree wrap labeling (3D CAD driven)
Mask Group 472
Spray Coating
  • High-end prestige coating
  • Plastic and glass bottles and jars
Axium Packaging Logo Large Blue Back
Shrink Sleeve
Shrink Sleeve Labeling
  • Large-scale machines for continuous large runs
  • Flexible production equipment for minimum order quantities
  • 360-degree coverage for more significant visual impact
Axium Packaging Logo Large Blue Back
Hot Stamping
  • Glass and plastic options
  • Broad range of color options
Axium Packaging Logo Large Blue Back
Embossing / Debossing
Embossing / Debossing
  • Produces sophisticated patterns and textures
  • Precision CNC technology
  • Electric discharge machining capabilities

Creating innovative packaging that jumps off the shelf.